Say This Prayer Before Sleeping Tonight For Healing

Endeavor To Say This Prayer Before Sleeping Tonight For Healing.

Midnight Prayer Points For Healing
Say This Prayer Before Sleeping Tonight For Healing

It is what is in you that controls what is around you, is the spirit himself I’m going to request that he will sound that his heart stops. God use him for your glory, I want to see that prophet, everything that also disobeyed you is still obedient. Let me repeat! Everything that has disobeyed you is still obedient, you have not found a condition that makes it obedient. Everything, if resources disobey you, they have ever been obedient provided they came from God. Disobedience cannot come from God. Everything needed for life and godliness that came from God is still obedient.

Your assignment is to understand the condition that activates that obedience. This is the assignment of the word of God and this is the assignment of that enforcer called the power of God, so like the word of God comes, I have taught you here that the assignment of the anointing the energy of the power of God, the anointing of the holy spirit has no assignment if the word of God has not gone forth because the anointing is merely an enforcer and a confirmer that means that if God says, let healing happen, the anointing moves to make what He said come to pass. Are we together?

Now, this is why words are powerful. Look how I mean, listen! listen!! this thing I’m teaching you is an office, I’m not just teaching you information, I land somewhere, there are people sick right now as I’m talking they are still feeling the pain. There are people oppressed, you won’t believe the kind of back, the truckload of demonic spirits oppressing people. They are hearing me as I’m talking now, I’m in the spirits now and yet they will not go, why? because what I’m saying is not the word that sends them yet you see, so when words now come, when words come what do they do? The holy spirit writes on those words into your destiny and conditions start changing and sometimes the conditions change so fast I’m saying this so that you will believe, if not, you will not be able to receive anything as it is right now.

I’m feeling this pain yes! you are right because there is a condition that keeps it there but do you believe that with one word something comes into your body, there’s something called anesthesia is that true and anesthesia forgive me, doctors. Do you know that they can give someone that injection and in a moment you will not feel pain around that area again for some hours am I correct? on that, what did the injection do? thank you but you know the pain will come later on because that is not needed for that time if science can be that fast and accurate that you inject someone immediately.

And you can even be carrying out the surgical procedure and the person is looking at you what happens when the word of God now comes into that system? don’t ask how will the eye condition go? don’t ask and don’t think that this thing is some faking of no we are talking the word of God here. hey! love so you came as a whole family a person. We don’t even know don’t know what is wrong with us, we just know that things are not working welcome you are in the right place

you’re in the right place so when that word is sent, the word of God comes and starts looking at your entire family, and with digital precision okay failure disfavor yokes immediately In seconds it diagnoses it but it does not stop there it will start creating the conditions that make those yokes and those courses to go and the impact is so powerful I am talking here and yet it will throw you physically on the ground, I didn’t push you off I’m here talking and something is happening in the realm of the spirit and it comes like a plane landing on your destiny.

Listen! I’m not just entertaining you, we are going to pray but beloved people listen, the supernatural is real, and conditions can change. Let me repeat myself, conditions can change when people reject you they are not rejecting you, there is a condition you are carrying That makes them reject you. When you are a failing unfulfilled man of god you may be in ministry with no increase or no results respectfully speaking, there may be a condition but when God speaks he said let there be and there was, he said let it change that’s why you see people return with all kinds of testimonies. I know this mighty god not only because he appeared to me, I know when Jesus appeared to me, but I also did not open the door for him to enter, I don’t even know how he entered a door, is just for you he entered anyhow don’t ask how it will enter your body.

No the doctors will say lie down and they will have to go through that incision and now begin to meticulously help you but the holy ghost oh come on please! please! please!, when I ask you to lay your hands it’s only a point of contact to help you not help God, ask the holy ghost how he entered the womb of Mary, he did not appear as bread and said eat and he’s.

Ask the holy ghost how he entered back into Jesus to resurrect him back to life. Are you getting what I’m saying now? now hear me please everyone I want you to look at the condition you have now because that is really what we have come to deal with, you call it sickness you call it to delay, you call it a failure, you call it Confusion, God calls it condition. Your territory is a good land but it does not mean you will just be blessed like that, there is a condition you can work for 30 years under the same condition you will have the same outcome.

What does it mean to encounter God? it means to have an encounter that changes your conditions. Please find a way of believing what I’m telling you, there is a situation “I’m having HIV, I’m having this” you are right, you are only describing a condition but watch the wonder walking power not the word of a man, not the word of a monarch, not the word of the military, the word of God when it was time for Jesus to resurrect the dead, He said Lazarus if he just said come forth that will be raptured immediately because his power is sufficient to raise every dead body he had to mention the specific person because that word was going to enter the realm of the spirit so when the word entered the realm of the spirit who is Lazarus here you are the one come out I was sent to bring you out.

The powerful thing about faith is that faith can make you claim any name so if God speaks now and says so so so person faith can tell you is your name too and it’s your condition and God will honor it because what he says to one, he says to all so you don’t just sit down praying that they should call your name, lord just speaks that’s all I want, let me hear what you are saying and let it dare relate to my situation, I will not let that word pass me by.

Listen when the word of God comes because I’m about to pray for you now, you have a responsibility number one do not just think it is a man talking, no no I am only the voice echoing that word is coming from the throne with fire, with power, with grace, I may not know your conditions, how do I stand here as a man and now begin to call your name and your conditions, it does not make sense humanly, it doesn’t make sense scientifically but when the holy ghost takes over you see as healings and deliverances and all kinds of supernatural manifestations of the spirit come.

2 Things That Causes Delay To Your Healing.

1. Distraction:

don’t be distracted you must be focused god is walking among his people whether you are in any of the overflows down to the basement, you are outside, you are following online anywhere at all it does not matter we are talking Jesus here.

2. Belief: 

I believe in miracles, I believe that a condition you came with actually can leave there. So when prayers are going on don’t just be looking at other people if you are sick in your body you must believe that you’re ready to be healed, you have some lump sum growth don’t sit down and say how will it disappear I’ve taught you it’s just an interplay of energy and matter. It is true Some terminal diseases HIV whatever, blood conditions maybe genotype whatever, it is done.

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Prayer Points For Healing:

. Heavenly father King of glory, here I am back to your presence tonight with a heart of praises and thanksgiving, father receives my praises in the name of Jesus.

. Father, I thank you for everything in and out of my body, I bless you because right now you’re working in my territory, healing my land by the power in the blood of the lamb that was crucified on the cross of calvary I say be thou, exalted Lord, in the name of Jesus.

. Jehovah! I surrender my life to you now and forever, take domination of everything and I thank you, father, that every dry bone in my life will turn to flesh now in the name of Jesus.

. Thank you, Jesus, for I believe that I am healed and saved, in Jesus’ mighty name I prayed. Amen.

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