3 Bold Step To Take If You Doubt Assurance Of Your Salvation.

Notice And Reflect On These 3 Bold Step  If You Are Doubting Your Salvation. If you’re struggling with assurance of your salvation, a couple of things I want you to know first before I talk about some practical steps. One is to realize that occasional doubts are normal. I think it’s almost universal and the … Read more

10 Powerful Prayer Points You Should Say Before Speaking To Anyone In The Morning

Pronounce these 10 Prayer points before speaking to anyone in this morning. Endeavor to say these Ten(10) powerful morning Prayers before speaking to anyone today with Faith and expect what God has installed for you. Have you always been the type that wakes up early in the morning and fails to appreciate God for His … Read more

The Mystery of Divine Lifting

When Haman came around on the next day based on Esther’s invitation, the king quickly asked him about what should be done to the man that he (the king) delights to honour. Thinking he should be the one, he pronounced the good things to be done to such a man; but lo and behold, he … Read more