6 Ways To Correct Your Prayer Life

In this article, you will be reading about, 6 Ways To Correct Your Prayer Life.

How To Correct Your Prayer Life
6 Ways To Correct Your Prayer Life

Did you know that not all prayers are created equal? Some prayers will bring you closer to God and there are prayers that God honestly does not care He condemns.

We’re going to look at two kinds of prayers that  Jesus condemns and one kind of prayer that Jesus accepts and invites.

.   The first kind of a prayer that Jesus rejects is the prayer of a heathen:
Heathens, as Jesus called them. They think that the length of prayer guarantees results. They think that if you pray for a very long time and use many repetitions, this prayer would get God’s attention. Now there’s nothing wrong with praying long prayers. Jesus spent all night in prayer. We see other people in the Bible pray long prayers. And we see Jesus repeating His prayer three times, “Father you know if it’s  possible may this cup pass me over.” And as well as we know that Paul prayed three times asking God to remove the thorn in his flesh. But this is different. The heathens are people who don’t operate out of a place of relationship, instead of out of a place of vain repetitions and simply thinking that if they pray a long time,  God will be forced to answer.

.   The second prayer that Jesus rejects is the prayer of a hypocrite:
Now, hypocrites, love to use prayer as a means to get attention. They’re not trying to get God’s attention, they’re just trying to get the attention of other people. And Jesus says, “Don’t be like them.” Hypocrites are religious people. If the heathens are not religious people, they’re simply people not in the covenant with God. Hypocrites are people who are religious and they know the rules and they know something about prayer, and these were Pharisees. They prayed to intend to get as much attention unto themselves as possible. See the purpose of prayer is so that you connect with God. Not so that you can get brownie points with your religious onlookers.

.   The third type of prayer is the right type of prayer. And it’s the prayer I would like to call it, the  prayer of an heir or the prayer of God’s child:
Now we see that Jesus gives us this example of what it’s like to pray correctly or pray as an heir, pray as a child of God.

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Below are the principles of how to correct your pray Life:

1. The priority of prayer. He says, “When you pray.” That means He expects us to pray. It’s not an option for a Christian to pray. It’s also not an obligation but it’s an opportunity when God invites us into His presence.

2. The place. He says, “Go into your room.” You know we know Jesus prayed in the wilderness. We know great men of God prayed and had altered. Some people went to the mountain. But in here Jesus says hey make it simple, make it practical, go into your room, go into your closet, go into your car.  Meaning finds a place. So first is the priority. The second one is the place.

3. The privacy. He says, “Shut your door.” You know in other words, they don’t do this to become known. Don’t do this to get attention. Don’t do this to get people’s approval. Pretty much, you know don’t post your prayer. Now there’s nothing wrong with sometimes live streaming or prayer anything. But if your motive for that, is like the motive of a hypocrite, you will lose the   Benefits of what prayer is supposed to be. May the fact that you’re praying, be revealed by God publicly blessing you, then you privately bragging and showing off your prayer. So the privacy of prayer. So priority. We also have seen that it’s also a place; privacy.

4. “Pray.” So that’s the fourth thing to pray for. This means to use your mouth d say your prayer. Don’t just think your prayer,  address God. You can pray through the Lord’s redemptive names. So there are different ways you can go through prayer or you can simply just through thanksgiving, confession, or praying for your petitions. As well as doing spiritual warfare, the forgiveness of others and praying for other people.

5. “Pray to your Father.” So the fifth secret of the right prayer is the Person, the Father. Meaning prayer is not about prayer. Prayer is about the Father. So many people get all tripped up about prayer because they think about prayer, more than they think about the Father. Jesus did not say, you know when you come into prayer, hey this is what you need to say. Even though He gave us a model, He’s saying this is Who you’re gonna pray to. So prayer is not about the how, it’s about the Who. Our Father. You are an heir. You are a child. You are His son. You are his daughter.  So yes, it’s important to make a priority in prayer. Yes, it’s important to find a place in prayer. It’s important to keep privacy in prayer. It’s also important to pray. But something that is the most important,  and that is actually to remember the Person that prayer is all about. And it’s not about you, it’s about Him.

6. The promise. He says if you do it the right way. Meaning if you do it in a way that I just described, I just broke down the verse for you. He says He will reward you openly. That means that Jesus will not only bless you while you’re praying, but He will also reward you for praying, publicly. And sometimes that happens in the way that He blesses your business, He blesses your relationships, He blesses your ministry, He blesses your finances, your health. The Lord has a way of rewarding people who pray and He does it publicly. That’s why He’s saying do it privately and I will reward you publicly. But if you’re trying to use the prayer to get public attention, like hypocrites, or if you’re doing this long extended prayer because you don’t have a relationship with the Father.

As a heathen, He’s like, you won’t get anything. Pray like an heir, choose the place, make it a priority, as well as make it private. As well as pray, actually pray. Don’t just sit there and you don’t think or meditate. Pray actually. And then He says, “Think about Me when you’re praying and I promise to reward you. Even if it’s not perfect prayer, I will reward that prayer.” Why? Because God loves when His children call on Him. Let’s pray right now.

Prayer Point:

Father God, in the name of Jesus, by the Holy Spirit we’re approaching your throne. I pray for everyone, that you will help them in their prayer life. I pray that they will embrace the life of an heir, the prayer of an heir. I pray that you will help them to find the right place and that you will help him to make it a priority. That you will help him to keep it private and that you will help him, God, to focus on you. And I pray Lord that they will begin to pray. Let them experience sweet rewards of your presence in prayer and sweet blessings of your reward outside of prayer, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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